…Spending lots of time outside trying to soak up this beautiful fall weather and get ready for the crazy winter weather we are sure to have ahead of us

…Discovering. The awesome nature center in our town (suburb, lets be honest) has the coolest natural playground with fallen logs, a climbing rock, a maze made from plants, and an inside play space with actual animal skins/furs, bones, antlers and so much more. Z loved the fox, so soft! Wish we had found this place sooner

…Getting and (hopefully) staying healthy with lots of great natural remedies found here (especially the delicious and very effective elderberry syrup).

…Cleaning and clearing. We have cleaned out our basement and garage! Four weekends, a rented dumpster filled, several pizza boxes emptied and … we are DONE! Its amazing to finally feel like we have our home back.

…Coloring, coloring, coloring. Z could color all day. A sweet yellow chair found a few days ago for $2.99 (goodwill, of course) and she has her own art space, finally. Next up: wet-on-wet watercolor painting and block crayons to hopefully get away from so much form drawing!

…Cuddling! A loves giving big squeezy hugs, kisses, and nuzzling heads all hours of the day (and night). It constantly amazes me how loving and unabashedly sweet this boy is.

…Loving school. Z has a huge smile for me each day (3 days/week) when I pick her up. This decision of sending her to school, which was so difficult to make, has turned out so well. Confidence. Independence. Magic. Imagination. Pure blissful enjoyment of the beauty of her world. These are the influences I have seen this amazing school having on her/our lives.

…Expressing. A is wearing his heart on his sleeve. This is very new to me and somewhat of an anomaly, albeit a refreshing one, within our family. If he wants something, he lets you know in no uncertain terms and usually quite loudly. With so few words in his vocabulary, it is amazing how well he communicates (better than most adults, I think.)

…Making. We’ve been trying lots of new recipes and more baking and making things at home like yogurt. I am also working on the kids’ gifts for the upcoming holiday of Eid (less than two weeks, I better hurry). More to come on this.

…Thrifting. Been spending a lot of time at our numerous awesome thrift stores here. Lots of good finds! I love that I am not contributing as much to the vicious cycle of consumption and waste and you really can’t beat the prices!

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