happy halloween!

our teeny tiny jack-o-lantern

This was our first full-on Halloween, complete with homemade costumes, a party, and dinner and trick-or-treating with the neighbors. Z has been so excited for months (yes, months) trying to decide what to be that it made the whole thing more fun for me.

She chose “Indian Princess.” Her words, her idea. Finally, after much deliberation, I decided A would be a Knight because who knows how many years of matching Halloween costumes I’m gonna get.

Z’s costume included a mama-made crown (reversible, yay!), wand and cape which will become welcome editions to our store of dress up clothes. She wore an outfit someone had recently handed down to her (of course, with lots of layers underneath), her own bangles, and sparkly red “bindi” which was just a sticky jewel from the craft store. I unskillfully applied mehndi (henna) to her left hand and arm and she happily sat still for it to dry!

A’s costume was a red hooded sweater under a mama-made belted tunic and cape. I couldn’t bring myself to give such a sweet and small boy any kind of sword, so he had none. Oh well.

The only things I bought for their costumes were material for the capes and felt for the trick or treating bags, everything else was made from what we already had around the house. These costumes will surely continue to live on in the dress up bins that are among the most beloved “toys” around here.

We also carved a super small pumpkin, actually a pie pumpkin because that’s all I could find Halloween morning (oops). They loved scooping the seeds out, of course, and loved hearing this story as we carved. Then the kids decorated teeny tiny pumpkins with markers. They loved the whole process so much!

Finally, the candy was counted, one piece eaten each, and off to bed. The candy bags were left out by the door for the “Sugar Pie Pumpkin Fairy” (can’t remember where I heard this genius idea!) who exchanged it for a sweet little gnome and an organic lollipop for us to find in the morning. The kids really loved this!

This was probably the most fun Halloween I’ve ever had. It was simple, short and sweet. We focused on time with each other as well as friends and neighbors. No one was left overwhelmed or sugar-high. The only problem is that now when we go on our daily walks, A wants to run up to each house and knock on the door!

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