I need a time machine. Maybe every mother does…

I thought I would be able to remember all the things, the moments, the good, the bad of my children’s lives. So often, I intentionally savor those special and even ordinary moments and promise myself to remember the way my children looked, smelled, sounded. I want to be able to transport myself back to cuddling with my newborn or watching my toddler discover her shadow one sunny day, but I cannot. I don’t remember. Not really, not deeply, not the way that I need to.

I hope that this space will provide me with deeper memories of our time together, with proof that these years really happened. Maybe I can keep alive the magic we experience every day. This space can be my time machine. Now, if only I could go back a little farther to before my first child was born and begin…

I also feel a need to share, to speak my voice. I feel like I have found a way of life with young children that is nourishing and sustaining to our whole family and really does make the world a better place. I would love to commune with others who are sharing this journey and, certainly, to learn from them.

I also want to share with our distant families, and whoever is interested, the daily goings on in our lives. We have shared just pictures up until this point and I hope to now give real snapshots of our lives and of our days, of the big moments and the small. I also want a place to share, to contribute to the collective knowledge, all of the creativity that i find bursting out of me lately. I hope also to eventually use this space to showcase my art that I will someday create time to make again.

Finally, it is my sincerest wish that, above all, this space will hold me accountable, if only to myself. I know very well what I need to be doing with and for my children, how I want our home and family life to look and feel. I find that the actual doing is much harder than the knowing, though, and I hope that having this space will help me act with integrity and authenticity in my daily struggles.

So welcome to my little corner, please let me know what you think and what you would like to see. Let’s use this as a place to connect and have an ongoing conversation. And, I will do my best to fulfill the intentions I have laid out here.

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